Arduino STEM RBT project: Durian UNO - Arduino Durian IoT Smart Contactless Dustbin
Price RM156.00
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
Availability 3
  • Fully automatic and touch-free operation, to avoid the second cross-infection.
  • Can detect dustbin either full or not
  • LCD panel display open, dustbin status full or not.
  • Ringtone plays and sent notification to smartphone while detect dustbin full
  • Circuit schematic diagram provided
  • Configure the kit with coding
  • Self-assemble
  • Simple wiring


*Inside this kit, the Durian UNO has been upgraded to version 2, offering even greater power and performance. You may have a look here. 


This DIY Contactless Smart Dustbin Kit enables user interaction without physical contact and when the dustbin is full, it will also be informed via the Blynk App on the smartphone. It assists in preventing the spread of viruses. By using the durian uno,  this project kit is simple to assemble. It is suitable for projects for kids, DIY projects, and other things. The alarm will make sound once the dustbin is full and the reminder alarm will be triggered every 1 minute if the dustbin still in full condition.


Schematic Diagram:



The alarm is triggered and Blynk notification will sent to your phone once detect dustbin is full. 


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