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    Configurable Timer Controller

    Configurable Timer Controller

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    SKU: CTC
    Weight: 90 grams
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    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM158.49
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    The Configurable Timer Controller is a controller board which allows user to set the time timing of output relays and play it back without writing a single source code. There have 5 onboard buttons which are used to configure the controller. Among 5 buttons, there are 3 buttons (STR, STP and RST) can be extended through the terminal blocks. The 2 onboard relays act as the output of the Timer Controller. The external devices such as AC Lamp, DC Motor, Fan and else can be controlled by the Configurable Timer Controller via the relays. By this way, users are able to select their own output device and control the output timing through the Configurable Timer Controller. The user’s settings will be stored permanently in Timer Controller unless the user deletes the settings. The user can simply make the automatic system by using Configurable Timer Controller. Simply plug to the power supply and set the time timing using the button, output relays will work well and correctly follow the time timing that you have set. In this Timer Controller, there is two time mode i.e. [Hour, Minute, Second] or [Minute, Second, Centisecond]. It is also possess count up or count down function. Once you have set the timing and ready to play them back, use the selector switch to choose between single or loop mode. Single mode will play the time timing back once while loop mode will continuously play back. The setting can be clear and make a new record.

    • The timing and output relays configuration are set by user.
    • 2 timer mode, i.e. Count Up Mode or Count down Mode.
    • Both mode (Count Up Mode or Count down Mode) works separately and standalone.
    • Both mode (Count Up Mode or Count down Mode) can be set up to 99 data.
    • Direct connect to DC power source (Ф5.5 power seat provided).
    • The recorded data can be edit or clear.
    • 2 Playing modes: Single or Loop
    • 2 Output relays that can be used to connect external device.
    • Able to interface with Active LOW type sensor.
    • Input voltage: DC 8V to 24V
    • Size: 95mm*80mm.