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    Mybotic MP3 Player

    Mybotic MP3 Player

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    SKU: MMP-24
    Weight: 150 grams
    Stock: Stock available

    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM347.17
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    The Mybotic MP3 Player is a awesome MP3 Player that can interface with Active Low Sensors which allow user play the specific preset music or sounds when the sensor detect something or the channel button is pressed. This music player can install the Active Low sensors and external buttons up to 25 Channels. We can choose any songs from the SD card storage and set specific songs into each of the channels, thus giving you the ability to play the specific preset song or sound when the sensors detect something or the push buttons is pressed. This music player can play any MP3 Format Types of songs depending the storage of the SD card. Besides that , it also support up to 38W of  loudspeaker. Simply plug in a battery or regulated power supply (8v to 22v), make sure the songs (MP3 format) are stored into the SD card, and put the SD card into the SD card sockets of the music player. At board of music player, it has two slide switches which are SW1 and SW2, one multifunction switch and 25 channel buttons and interface connectors’ pins. The two slide buttons are PLAY/SET and SINGLE/LOOP slide switches. Among the 25 channel buttons, 24 push buttons indicate the 24 channels which are used to store selected music and a STOP button is used to stop music. We can set up to 24 specific songs or sounds into the different channels that we prefer. Interface connectors of the music player board are used to interface with the sensors or microcontroller. 



    • Operate up to 25 channel buttons at a time
    • Direct interface up to 25 active low sensors
    • Can set the specific song into each channel up to 24 channels
    • Wide range of input voltage: 8 to 22VDC
    • Built-in ampllifier, able to direct attach two loud speakers up to 38W per each
    • Support various type of filename (English,  Chinese, Japanese, Korean and else)
    • Support length of filename up to 100 words per file.
    • Comes with 8GB memory card
    • 2 Playing modes: Single or Loop
    • Led indicator
    • Size: 100mm*100mm 






    Interfacing with Sensor


    Self Moving Skeleton


    How to connect PIR Sensor with Mybotic MP3 Player by using Analog to Digital and Comparator Module