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    Thermoelectric Generator (SEEBECK) TEP1-142T300

    Thermoelectric Generator (SEEBECK) TEP1-142T300

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    SKU: TEP1-142T300
    Weight: 30 grams
    Stock: Stock available

    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM72.08
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    This power module is designed to converts heat source directly to electricity. The thermoelectric generator module will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. The bigger the temperature different, the higher the power generated. 


    • Model: SEEBECK TEP1-142T300
    • Maximum temperature (hot site): 300 degree Celcius.
    • Size: 40*40*3.2mm
    • Operation Temperature: Around -40 to +300 degree Celcius.
    • Best match reistance: 3.3-4.3ohm
    • *Heating surface temperature not exceeding 300  cooling surface to remain below 80