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    MQ-9 Combustable Gas Sensor

    MQ-9 Combustable Gas Sensor

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    SKU: SN-MQ9
    Weight: 10 grams
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    Brand: Mybotic
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    The MQ-9 Analog Gas Sensor has high sensitity to Carbon Monoxide, Methane and LPG. The sensor can be used to detect different gases containing CO and combustible gases, it is low cost and suitable for a variety of applications. 

    The core sensing material of MQ-9 gas sensor is SnO2, which has a lower conductivity in clean air. It makes detection by cycling high and low temperature, and detects CO when low temperature (heated by 1.5V). The sensor’s conductivity is higher along with the gas concentration rising. When temperature rises (heated by 5.0V), it detects Methane, Propane, combustible gas,etc  and cleans the other gases adsorbed under low temperature.

    Applications: Domestic gas leakage detector, industrial gas detector, portable gas detector, etc. 


    • Power supply: 5V
    • Interface type: Analog, Digital
    • Type: Semiconductor
    • Concentration:Good sensitivity to CO/Combustible gas
      • 10-1000ppm CO
      • 100-10000ppm combustible gas
    • High sensitivity to Methane, Propane and CO
    • Long life and low cost
    • Size: 32x20mm