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    IR Line Tracking Sensor (4 bits)

    IR Line Tracking Sensor (4 bits)

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    SKU: SN-LINE-4
    Weight: 40 grams
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    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM39.00
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    The IR line tracking sensor consists of analog to digital and comparator module and TCRT5000 IR Sensor Breakout Board. The IR light emitted by the LED strikes the surface and is reflected back to the IR photodiode. The photodiode then gives an output voltage proportional to the reflectance of the surface (high value for light surface and low for black/dark surface).


    • Power supply: 5VDC
    • 3-wire output interface
    • Digital output
    • Signal: Active Low or Active High (Selectable)
    • Sensitivity (Adjustable)
    • Suitable for line following robot/ line tracer.