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    GY-271 HMC5883L Compass Sensor

    GY-271 HMC5883L Compass Sensor

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    SKU: HMC-5883L
    Weight: 10 grams
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    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM18.00
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    HMC5883L is a 3-axis digital compass used for two general purposes: to measure the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or to measure the strength and, in some cases, the direction of the magnetic field at a point in space. Communication with the HMC5883L is simple and all done through an I2C interface. There is an on board regulator. The breakout board includes the HMC5883L sensor and all filtering capacitors. The power and 2-wire interface pins are all broken out to a 0.1" pitch header. Uses famous HMC5883L magnetometer chip. Supports 3.0V to 5.0V IO levels on I2C SCL and SDA pins.


    • Power supply :3V - 5V
    • IO Voltage Level: 3V - 5V
    • Communication: Standard IIC communication protocol
    • Module Dimensions: 14.35 mm (L) x 13.16 mm (W) x 3.40 mm (H)
    • PCB thickness: 1.60 mm
    • Measuring range: ± 1.3-8 Gauss