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    Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor

    Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor

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    SKU: SENL0001
    Weight: 40 grams
    Stock: Stock available

    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM52.74
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    This newly developed Auto-calibrating line sensor is super easy to use. Come with 5 pairs of IR transmitter and receiver, it can covers line detection of 1cm to 3cm wide, dark color or bright color line. With 1 press, it will start "recognizing" the surface under it, calibrating the threshold between dark and bright. it takes 4 to 5 seconds only. After that, it is done, being stored in internal non volatile memory, it will still "recognize" the line even after power off and on again. Come with connector and wires. 


    • 5V power
    • 5 digital output representing logic of 5 IR sensor
    • 1 press to start calibration
    • 2 press to toggle logic into Dark On mode, to sense dark line
    • 3 press to toggle logic into Bright On mode, to sense bright line
    • Calibration button for easy of calibration

    Download the User's Manual for more information.