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    Arduino Compatible DCCduino UNO R3

    Arduino Compatible DCCduino UNO R3

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    Weight: 80 grams
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    Brand: Arduino
    Retail Price: RM22.17
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    • Dimension: 69mm x 52mm x 10mm
    • This version is optimized the use of Arduino compare to older version. 
    • increase the pin socket, to facilitate the use of pin like 5V and GND.
    • 100% Arduino Compatible
    • Digital I / O digital input / output of 0 to 13 .
    • Analog I / O Analog Input / output of 0 to 5 .
    • PWM Pin - 3,5,6,9,10,11
    • Support ISP download function.
    • Input voltage : no external power supply when connected to the computer USB, external power supply 5V ~ 9V DC voltage input .
    • Output voltage : 5V DC voltage output and 3.3V DC voltage output .
    • Using Atmel Atmega328P microprocessor controller
    • This does not comes with cable. Cable is sell separately.