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    5 Channel Servo Player (RC Servo Controller)

    5 Channel Servo Player (RC Servo Controller)

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    SKU: SP-5
    Weight: 190 grams
    Stock: Out of stock

    Brand: Mybotic
    Retail Price: RM280.00
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    *This product was discontinue. It was upgraded to new version 6 Channel Servo Player. 

    The 5 Channel Servo Player is a controller board which allows user to record servo motor movement and playback it back exactly without writing source code to it. With this one unit of this controller board, you can operate up to 5 RC servo motors at a time or simultaneously. Each knob will control your servos up to 180°. There have 4 different servos animation can be recorded in different channel. The  time is up to 35 minutes for each channel.  Perfect for animation, robotic projects or wherever you need the exact same movement each time. Simply plug in a battery or regulated power supply, plug in your servos, rotate the corresponding knobs and your servos will move proportionally to the knob movement. Once you are ready to record the movements, make sure the SD card is slotted in, slide the selector switch over to record and then move the servos again. The memory stores all the servos motions and even the delay time between motions inside the SD card. Once you have recorded the movements and are ready to play them back, use the selector switch to choose between single or loop mode. Single mode will play the movements back once while loop mode will continuously play back the movements. If you want to change the servos animation, just overwrite it! The advantages of having a SD Card is, you can save your recorded movement as back up file or just copy the same file to another servo player.


    • Able to operate up to 5 RC servo motors at a time or simultaneously.
    • Each knob will control your RC sevo up to 180 degree.
    • Can be used in Contineous RC servo motor as well (360 degree).
    • Wide range of input voltage: 3.7-12VDC.
    • Comes with 8GB memory card.
    • 4 recording channels of movement. Each channel can control up to 5 RC servo motor and the maximum time for each channel is 35 minutes.
    • 2 playing modes: Single or Loop
    • Direct interface with sensor up to 5 active low sensors (plug and play).
    • Direct connect to DC power source (Φ5.5 power seat provided).
    • Led indicator 
    • Size: 100*100mm






    Interfacing with Sensor


    Walking Robot


    Gripper with 5 Channel Servo Player 


    Self Moving Skeleton