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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What kind of payment options do Mybotic offer ? 
    Mybotic offers a variety of payment options as below:
    • Online payment via PayPal (Visa or Mastercard).
    Offline bank-in (cash or cheque) payable to Mybotic, please find our bank account information below:
    Account No:551584053746
    Account Name:Mybotic
    After bank-in, please uplaod the payment slip.
    Please note that order will only be processed after the cheque is cleared or cash is deposited.
    Q: I have a user account with Mybotic but forgot my password, what should I do ?
    It is easy, go to My Account page and click on the Forgot password link. You will be prompted with a window and please enter your email address (it must be the same email address you registered with Mybotic. The password will be sent automatically to the registered email address.
    Q: I have a user account with Mybotic, how do I change my personal info and shipping address ?
    Go to My Account page, login and you can modify your account details there.
    Q: I have received a few emails from Mybotic. What are Orders Received, Orders Processed and Payment Receipt?
    Order Received: This email informs you that Mybotic has received your orders and will process it as soon as possible.
    Order Processed: This email confirms Mybotic has processed your order. 
    Order Shipped: This email confirms that Mybotic has delivered/shipped the order to your shipping address.
    Q: I can't find a particular product I want from Mybotic online store, what can I do ?
    Kindly contact us at or call us at +6016-7170703 for further enquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend you an alternative.