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      Include breadboard, soldering board, plug & adapter, cable, wire jumper and wire.
      Arduino Main Board and Arduino Shields.
      Controller Boards
      Motor Driver and etc.
      Including USB to UART converter and etc.
      Electronic Component
      Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, LEDs, Relays, I.C.s, Connectors, Switches and etc.
      Embedded Computer
      Raspberry PI 2
      Include car chasis, Gripper and tyre.
      Hobby Kit
      Varieties of Electronic Hobby & Educational Kits
      Include various type of motors (DC gear motor, Servo motor, Stepper motor, Vibrator, DC water pump and etc)
      Mybotic Software
      Mybotic application software such as Serial Com Tool and etc.
      PIC Developing Tool
      PIC Programmer, PIC Startup Kit and Developing Broad
      Power Supply
      Include AA battery, 9V battery, rechargable battery, LiPo charger, CR2025 battery (for RTC), CR2016, CR2032, A76 (for calculator) and etc.
      RFID Card Reader Module and etc.
      Photoelectric Sensor, Optical Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Rotary Encoder, Ultrasonic Sensor, PIR Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Accelerometer, Barometric, Pressure Sensor and etc.
      Tools and Equipments
      Include multimeter, soldering iron, solder lead, desoldering iron, soldering stand, solder sponge, solder paste, wire cutter, wire stripper, screw set, hot glue gun, glue stick and etc.
      Wheels and Castors
      Include Wheels and Castors
      Wireless Devices
      Include Bluetooth, XBee and RF Module