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    Configurable Timer Controller




    The Configurable Timer Controller is a controller board which allows user to set the time timing of output relays and play it back without writing a single source code. 



    • The timing and output relays configuration are set by user.
    • 2 timer mode, i.e. Count Up Mode or Count down Mode.
    • Both mode (Count Up Mode or Count down Mode) works separately and standalone.
    • Both mode (Count Up Mode or Count down Mode) can be set up to 99 data.
    • Direct connect to DC power source (Ф5.5 power seat provided).
    • The recorded data can be edit or clear.
    • 2 Playing modes: Single or Loop
    • 2 Output relays that can be used to connect external device.
    • Able to interface with Active LOW type sensor.
    • Input voltage: DC 8V to 24V



    6 Channel Servo Player



    Now we have upgraded the 5 channel servo player to this 6 Channel Servo Player. 6 Channel Servo Player is a controller board which allows user to record servo motor movement and playback it back exactly without writing source code to it. 



    • Operate up to 6 RC servo motors at a time or simultaneously
    • Each knob will control your RC servos up to 180°
    • Can be used in Continuous RC Servo Motor (360 degree)
    • Wide range of input voltage: 3.7-12VDC
    • Comes with 8GB memory card
    • 4 recording channels of movement. Each channel can control up to 6 servo motors and the maximum time for each channel is up to 35 minutes.
    • 2 Playing modes: Single or Loop
    • Direct interface with sensor up to 6 active low sensors (plug and play)
    • Direct connect to DC power source (Ф5.5 power seat provided)
    • Led indicator
    • 2 selected mode: Interrupt and Non-Interrupt Mode



    MB-06 RC Servo Motor Controller and Tester


    This board controls a servo motor by using the buttons or the potentiometer. By using buttons, the servo motor will moves to either 0 degree or 180 degrees. The potentiometer able to control the servo motor’s position by turning the potentiometer. The 555 IC is configured in astable mode to generate the PWM for the servo motor to work.

    A servo motor is controlled by sending a series of pulses to it which is the pulse width modulation. Depending on the length of the pulse it will turns to a specific angle. A pulse must be sent to the servo every 20 milliseconds. The pulse length will vary from 1ms to 2ms. A 1ms pulse will turn the servo to 0 degrees and 180 degrees for 2ms. 



    • Uses 555 timer IC.
    • The kit will control your RC servo motor up to 180 degrees.
    • Able to control one (1) RC servo motor at a time.
    • Non-programmable kit.
    • Two modes of control: Potentialmeter mode or button mode.
    • The buttons can be extended using the terminal block.
    • Recommended input voltage: 5V to 6V DC.
    • Self assembly.




    Mybotic MP3 Player

    Does your project looks bored without any sound effect or music? Or you find the MP3 shield/module in the market are very difficult to use? Now, you have no more worry about this. Mybotic MP3 Player not only easy to use, it also has built-in amplifier and able to     interface with most active low sensors.




      Specification at a glance:

    • Operate up to 25 channel buttons at a time (buttons can be extended via connectors)
    • Direct interface up to 25 active low sensors
    • Can set the specific song into each channel up to 24 channels
    • Built-in ampllifier, able to direct attach two loud speakers up to 38W per each
    • Wide range of input voltage: 8 to 22VDC
    • Support various type of filename (English,  Chinese, Japanese, Korean and else)
    • Support length of filename up to 100 words per file.
    • Comes with 8GB memory card
    • 2 Playing modes: Single or Loop


      Over view of Mybotic MP3 Player




      Interfacing with Sensor



      Self Moving Skeleton



















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